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Little Things & Future Plans


Operating a restaurant presents many challenges when it comes to thinking green.  Lots of little choices you make can add up to a lot of good or damage to our environment. At the Glass Nickel we try to make decisions that result in the former, here are just a few:

Unbleached Pizza Boxes and Take-Out Bags

Take a look at the big Pizza chains and we bet you'll see their pizzas heading out the door in bright white pizza boxes emblazoned with their logo.  While those boxes are a nice thing to look at, the paper bleaching process required to get them to that color isn't.  Paper bleaching releases countless chemicals such as Chlorine, Sodium Hypochloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Chlorine Dioxide and many others into the water systems near paper mills.

Wind Generated Electricity

Some of our stores purchase credits towards Wind Generated Electricity from their local electric companies to offset the power draw required to operate a large restaurant. Reducing demand on resources isn't something that happens overnight. Our commitment to environmentalism depends as much on available technology as our willingness to adopt it. Here are a few of the many changes we hope to make to our store in the coming months:

Solar Hot Water Heater

Designed to reroute cold water through black piping on the roof where it gathers solar heat. This water is then held in a tank to be used as the cold water for the hot water heater. While the water may not be warm enough to wash dishes with, it is pre-heated to a level where the water heater needs to heat for a much shorter time to bring it up to the correct temperature.