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Touchdown in Green Bay.

I fell in love with the Glass Nickel Philosophy while working at GNP in Oshkosh when I was in college. From that point on I knew I not only wanted to be in the pizza business, but run a Glass Nickel Pizza of my own. During that time I met Desiree (Desi) who was also working at the Oshkosh GNP. She and I shared a similar entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic, and it wasn’t long before we began discussing the possibility of owning our own Glass Nickel Pizza together.

Well as fate would have it, that opportunity came to us. And we didn’t think twice. We knew Green Bay would be an ideal place for Glass Nickel Pizza, and us. Cherishing the green and gold as we do, well, what city could be better for us to bring the commitment to great food and service that is GNP?

But perhaps the most appealing quality of ownership for both Desi and I is the commitment to community that is a hallmark of GNP. Supporting our community, people and culture is vitally important to us, and it’s at the heart of what GNP is. It is our hope that we can help impact the lives of those around us as positively as ours were by so many in the GNP family. Perhaps, we can provide the inspiration for the next owner of a Glass Nickel Pizza. Maybe you? Well, at the very least, we will always work to inspire your appetite to partake in all the great flavors that is Glass Nickel Pizza. From the two of us, enjoy!


With those five immortal words, Glass Nickel Pizza Co. set out on a dream to offer the best pizza in town. Opening November 5th, 1997 on Atwood Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin, the first store was abuzz with excitement and orders. We will never forget the first call for our Deluxe Pizza and the subsequent shout from the kitchen, “We need green pepper! Someone chop a green pepper!”  Three days later our first employee was hired.  Today, not only is he still a part of our family, but our GM.

Green Bay