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2916 Atwood Ave.
Madison, WI 53704

Build Your Own Pizza

Our cooks can make just about anything...just ask! (Unless requested other, we start each pizza fresh with hand-tossed dough, classic sauce and special blend cheese)

We also offer Par-Baked Pizzas!

1 Choose your Pizza Size...


Size: Price: Serves: Toppings*:
10-inch 8.95 1-2 adults, 6 slices 1.25 per pizza
14-inch 12.95 2-4 adults, 8 slices 1.85 per pizza
16-inch 14.95 3-4 adults, 12 slices 2.25 per pizza
*Each additional topping per pizza

2, select your Crust Type and Sauce...


  • Classic Hand-tossed
  • Thick
  • Thin
  • Cracker-Thin
  • Gluten-Free

10" Gluten-Free (available at most locations for an additional $3 more.)


Classic Italian, Chunky Marinara (contains cheese), Pesto*, Ricotta, Cookies BBQ®, Ranch, Alfredo*, Thai Peanut Sauce, Spicy Classic Sauce, Spicy Chunky Sauce and Honey Mustard
(*double topping)

3 ...and finally, add as many toppings as you like!


House Blend, Bleu Cheese*, Sharp Cheddar, Feta*, Mozzarella, Parmesan*, Provolone, Ricotta, Romano, Swiss, Daiya® Vegan
(*double topping)

Veggies, Herbs, Etc:

Artichoke Hearts*, Basil, Black Olive, Broccoli, Cilantro, Garlic, Green Olive, Green Pepper, Hot Banana Pepper, Jalapeño, Kalamata Olive, Mushroom, Pineapple, Red or Yellow Onion, Red Pepper*, Spinach*, Tater Tots, Tomato, Walnuts*, Sunflower Seeds
(*double topping)


Anchovies*, Bacon*, Beef, Canadian Bacon, Chicken*, Ham, Pepperoni, Salami, Sausage, Turkey, Meatballs*, Tofu
Boar's Head: Turkey, Ham, Capicola Ham, Salami and Pepperoni
(*double topping)

**PLEASE NOTE** Although we take great strides to keep ingredients separate, our restaurant uses flour and semolina to make our regular pizza dough, both contain gluten. If you are severely allergic to gluten we recommend not to order our gluten free crust.

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